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The ABCs of Outdoor Dog Safety: The Johnmichael Myhal Edition

The ABCs of Outdoor Dog Safety: The Johnmichael Myhal Edition

By Johnmichael Myhal, CEO of PetCare Hidden Fence

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s me again, Johnmichael Myhal – the CEO who believes that every dog should enjoy the Great Outdoors without turning it into the Great Escape. Let’s chat about the basics of outdoor dog safety, and trust me, it’s not just “keep your dog on a leash” and “don’t let them eat strange things.” We’re going deep, like crawfish burrow deep, into the nitty-gritty of keeping your canine compadre safe and sound.

First off, let’s talk about the power of a good fence. A solid fence is like the best bouncer you could ask for at the club of your backyard. It keeps the party crashers out (I’m looking at you, neighborhood racoons) and the VIPs (that’s your dog) in…and with a hidden fence, you maintain that beautiful view – no need to peer through wooden slats to glimpse the glory of our Southern sunsets.

A fence alone won’t do the trick. You need the “Three Ts” of dog safety: Training, Tags, and Tick-prevention. First up, training. A well-trained dog isn’t just impressive at doggie socials; they’re also safer. They come when called, don’t bolt after the mailman, and know that “stay” is not a suggestion.

Next, tags. Your dog should have a tag that’s more reliable than your favorite po’boy joint. If Fido decides to take an unauthorized field trip, that tag is his ticket home. And make sure the info is up-to-date, folks – an outdated phone number on a dog tag is like a screen door on a submarine.

Now, let’s talk ticks and other pests. We’ve got more bugs in Louisiana than you can shake a stick at, and some of them love to hitch a ride on your pooch. Regular flea and tick prevention keeps those pesky freeloaders off your pet and prevents a multitude of itchy and dangerous diseases.

Water safety – because yes, even in the land of bayous, not all dogs are natural swimmers. If you’ve got a pool, or if you’re taking your pup on a boat ride to catch some rays, a doggie life vest is a must-have. And keep an eye on your dog around water, because not every dog knows how to doggie paddle.

Heat and humidity – our summers are hotter than a bowl of Cajun chili. Always provide plenty of shade and fresh water when your dog’s outside. And never, I repeat, never leave your dog in a parked car, even with the windows down. That’s like putting them in a sauna with a fur coat on – not exactly the picture of Southern hospitality.

Lastly, training recall is as important as the seasoning in your jambalaya. It’s the safety net that can stop your dog from making a bad decision, like chasing after a rabbit into the street. Combine recall with the invisible boundaries of a hidden fence, and you’ve got yourself a dynamic duo better than shrimp and grits.

So, there you have it – outdoor dog safety wrapped up in a bow made of Spanish moss. Keep your dog trained, tagged, tick-free, water-wise, cool in the heat, and practiced in the art of recall, and you’ll be sitting pretty, like a Mardi Gras king on his throne.

And remember, if you’re looking to secure your yard with a hidden fence that’s as strong and invisible as the spirit of Louisiana, give us a shout at PetCare Hidden Fence. We’ll set you up faster than a gator slides into the bayou.

Stay safe, y’all, Johnmichael Myhal


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