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Pet Professional & Louisiana Veterinarian Reviews


Veterinarian, Dr Leslie Michaelis, Mandeville, Louisiana

To Whom it May Concern,

Mr Myhal was originally recommended to us by several of our clients and through our own experience we now recommend him (PetCare Hidden Fence) regularly to people looking for assistance with both electronic containment for the dogs as well as behavioral issues and challenges.  We consider an established reputation for professionalism as well as caring and compassionate training techniques to be a prerequisite for referral, and feel Mr Myhal represents those requirements.  We are fortunate to have such an incredible individual at our fingertips to help others.


Dr Leslie Michaelis

Animal Care Hospital

Mandeville, Louisiana


Veterinarian, Dr. Ron Gilbert, Hammond, Louisiana

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been both a client and reference for “Pet Care Hidden Fence” for a number of years.  Mike is very knowledgeable about the pet containment industry and has helped a number of my clients who have had problems using other systems.  He also gives excellent service and is readily accessible if ever called on with questions or problems.  I highly recommend his system and company.


Ronald Gilbert DVM

The Companion Animal Hospital

Hammond, La


Debbie Border, Former President, Tangipahoa Humane Society

July 8, 2008

Dear Mike

I am so sorry that this letter has taken me so long to write…But I  have not had this recommendation off of my mind for even one day and I just had to make myself sit down and do it…please feel free to use this as you see fit, thanks for everything- debbie

After Hurricane Katrina, we decided to have an electronic fence installed.  We are animal welfare people and we were VERY concerned about getting a safe, humane, yet effective system.  We had several special case dogs that would need special attention and training and to add to the challenge, we would need to train four dogs to an e-fence all at the same time.

Post-Katrina, we adopted two puppies that were about nine months old when our PetCare Hidden Fence was installed.  We also had a male, about three years old, that we had rescued from a shelter. He had been very abused – and was quite wary and very skittish.  To add to our complicated situation, we had an elderly female dog that was quite set in her ways.  Enter Mike Myhal, and Pet Care Hidden Fence….

Mike proved to us that an electronic fence can be installed without trauma, or pain to my dogs.  His training methods were very gentle and non-traumatic to our puppies, abused rescued dog, and our somewhat confused old lady dog.  In fact, he made me feel the collar before we ever put it on our dogs, and I was amazed when I could barely sense the slightest tingle. Mike took his time and his careful attention to our special situation.  He came to our home countless times to teach us how to work with our dogs; and, many times to help us solve a few situations that arose with having special needs animals.  His patience and kindness have been amazing – both to us humans and to our beloved dogs. Anytime that I have called Mike, he has answered or returned my call promptly and professionally.

We feel strongly about exercising our dogs daily with a “walk.”  So, to add to Mike’s complicated challenge here, he devised a plan that would allow us to be able to exercise our dogs daily without confusing them about entering in and out of the PetCare Hidden Fence boundary.

About a year ago, we rescued another large male from Highway 434.  He had obviously been dumped out of a car after being someone’s house dog (we learned that he had advanced heart worms).  He was so traumatized and lost.  After about two weeks, we had to train him to stay on our property.  Using Mike’s methods, it was amazing how quickly and well, he learned his boundaries.  So now we have five dogs living within our PetCare Hidden Fenced area.

Mike has worked with many St. Tammany Humane Society dogs, training them on the Hidden Fence systems and making them more adoptable.  He has a true heart for animals and has been available to try to help me place animals that I have rescued.  His own dogs are rescues.  This says a lot about the kind of person that he is to me and to my family.

I highly recommend Mike and Pet Care Hidden fence.

Debbie Border

Former President, Tangipahoa Humane Society

Lacombe Harbor

Lacombe, Louisiana


Beth Brewster, Director St Bernard Parish Humane Society

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TO: PetCare Hidden Fence

FROM: Beth Brewster, Fmr Exec Director St Tammany Humane Society

Current Executive Director, Humane Society of St.Bernard Parish

RE: Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

My recommendation on behalf of PetCare Hidden Fence comes from personal experience, having used the system for my own dogs; and also from the partnership and support the company has given to St. Tammany Humane Society.

I met Mike when he was recommended by a neighbor many years ago. I came to see that he and his company truly have customer service and the welfare of the animals as their first priority. After working with Mike personally for many years, I took the position as Director of St Tammany Humane Society. I knew that Mike and the PetCare Hidden Fence system would solve many of the dog owner’s problems and headaches that we were seeing and hopefully prevent people from giving up their animals. That’s important because containment is one of the biggest concerns of potential pet owners looking to adopt a dog from our shelter. It is paramount to the safety of a pet. They need to know that the system works; and Pet Care Hidden Fence is able to offer a guarantee on their system.

Caring owners also need to know the product won’t harm or cause pain to the dog. After all, it is a new family member and in some cases the dog may have endured abuse in the past. Because we have seen Mike Myhal in action, and used the system for our own pets, we can recommend Pet Care Hidden Fence exclusively. No other company we know of uses the type of training they do to gently “brainwash” dogs into containment – most companies focus on simply shocking dogs into compliance.

PetCare Hidden Fence has also helped dogs get adopted, who might have had ‘behavior problems” in the past like digging under, climbing over, and otherwise escaping their fenced yards! This is one issue we see over and over again with our clients. In fact we recommend Pet Care Hidden Fence to callers who are having these kinds of issues with their dogs, to try to keep those dogs in their own happy homes rather than having to be relinquished to a shelter!

Mike and his company have been huge supporters of STHS and unfailingly donates products and services for our fundraising efforts He volunteers to help out in any way needed And best of all, he’ll even refund your adoption fee when you purchase the Pet Care Hidden Fence system for your newly-adopted furry family member.

I wish to thank Mike Myhal for all his ongoing support of the Humane Society and the welfare of dogs in our community and I confidently recommend Pet Care Hidden Fence


Beth Brewster


International Association of Canine Professionals, Martin Deeley, President

To Dog Owners & Trainers:

….many presume that the use of electronic collars involves harsh corrections. This does not have to be the case as is proven in the ‘LowStress™’ (Gentle Start) Approach. Many containment systems use much stronger jolt early in the training program.The dog will sometimes relate this strong stimulation to many things and what he learns we can never be certain, plus it generates a high stress level not conducive to his education. However, with ‘LowStress™, the trainer guides, shows, gains understanding, and develops an appreciation from the dog of boundaries and where he is safe to play and have fun.

We applaud this move by PetCare Hidden Fence. It is responsible, far sighted and shows compassion to the dog.”

More than that, it alleviates the concerns many owners have that the experience of learning the containment fence will ‘hurt their dog’. I highly recommend them; both for their technology and their revolutionary gentle “LowStress”™ training program…”


Martin Deeley, President

International Association of Canine Professionals


Veterinarian, Dan Daniel, Covington, Louisiana

To Whom It May Concern;

As a veterinarian practicing in St Tammany for the last 25 years, I have been both a customer and an advocate for the use of electronic underground fencing to contain dogs.  In 1980, I was approached by the Invisible Fence Company to install an underground fence at my residence for my personal animals.  I was impressed enough with the concept that I not only recommended the product to my own clients; I was featured in one of the company’s brochures.

However, in early 2001, more and more of my clients began telling me about a company called PetCare Hidden Fence and its owner, Mike Myhal.  The company was aggressively establishing a reputation for professional conduct, superior technology and compassionate, caring service. So much so that even though I owned a different product, I began to recommend to my clients that they investigate PetCare Hidden Fence before making their decision.

When I finally met with Mike Myhal, the reason for the company’s reputation became clear.  By demonstrating his knowledge of canine behavior and using vastly superior technology as well as an incredibly gentle, positive approach with a nearly perfect record of success, he made the advantages of choosing PetCare Hidden Fence abundantly clear. 

As a result, I no longer use Invisible Fence components personally and my practice exclusively recommends PetCare Hidden Fence and Mike Myhal to our clients.

Dan Daniel, DVM 

Animal Medical Center, Covington, Louisiana


Veterinarian Technician, Kim Lebouef, Covington

To Whom It May Concern,

As a veterinarian technician and surgical assistant, I tell everyone about
being a responsible pet owner.  In addition to keeping their pets healthy
with annual vaccinations, oral exams, and check ups, keeping pets contained is
a major part of being a responsible pet owner.

It is a tragedy when we have to amputate a pet’s leg, keep them in the
hospital for days or worst of all, put a puppy out of its misery by
euthanasia because it got out of the yard.  I’ve had a successful PetCare
Hidden Fence for many years; Mike at PetCare will come out, install a Hidden
Fence and help train you and your pets – and they guarantee it will work.
The size of the dog does not matter. Even though their training philosophy
is so gentle the Humane Society recommends them exclusively, my two large
adult dogs (an 88lb boxer and a 70lb pit bull) were quickly and successfully
trained and I trust that they would never leave my yard.

Many of my neighbors don’t even know I have dogs. They don’t see a fence so
they haven’t ever thought about it. However, if a stranger ever came to my
house I guarantee that they would stop at the street because my dogs look
like they are loose, even though they are contained.  I feel that not only
are my dogs safer with a PetCare Hidden Fence – my house and family are too.

I can attest that Mike has always been there for me when I have had
questions about my fence, pet training or fence repair. I sincerely believe
every one should take care of their pets with a PetCare Hidden Fence; Mike
Myhal is great to work with.


R. Kim LeBouef,

Covington, LA


Professional Dog Trainer, Rebecca Breaud, Folsom, Louisiana

September 9, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

I have been training dogs for over 15 years, and use only positive training methods when working with both my dogs, and others.  As a trainer, and one who has used PetCare for my own dogs’ boundaries, I am pleased and impressed with the way my dogs almost immediately understood their boundaries while using treats as a reward. 

There was no harsh correction, very little stimulation, and happy dogs the whole time we trained using the Gentle Start training method that PetCare recommends. 

There is no stress, and I feel very comfortable with my dogs behind their PetCare Hidden Fence.  I have witnessed my dogs (who have very high prey drive) chase critters to the edge of their boundary and stop, with the acceptance that they can go no farther. 

My dogs are among the most important members of my family.  I never want to worry about my pets, and PetCare has given me the peace of mind I need.  I also enjoy being able to sit on my front porch, and enjoy the outdoors with my dogs at my side, knowing that they are safe, secure and happy because they can romp and play without concern.

Moreover, Mike Myhal has always been there for me, with answers to my questions and concerns.  When the fence was installed, that was not the last time I heard from Mike, either.  He continues to call and ask about how the dogs are doing behind the fence.  This is someone who truly stands behind his product and gives excellent customer service; something seldom found anymore.  His concern for my successful use of this product has made me a true supporter of PetCare. 

As a professional trainer, I have seen dogs from Chihuahuas on up in size, trained on this fence and do extremely well. 

I would not only recommend PetCare for you fence needs, but encourage you to check out the Gentle Start training program before making any decisions regarding your fence.  We owe it to our pets, who entrust us with their lives, to give them the best and happiest life possible.  With PetCare, you have an opportunity to do this. 

Rebecca Breaud

Folsom, Louisiana

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