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Why Do Electronic Dog Fences Work?

Many pet owners struggle with finding a way to safely and economically contain their pup without a physical fence, which is why invisible dog fences have become increasingly popular in recent years. Invisible dog fences work by using either a physical wire or a wireless signal to create a marked perimeter around a yard or any designated area. When a dog approaches the marked area, a receiver on their collar can be programmed to alert them with an audible “beep”, vibration or a static correction. Invisible dog fences are a low-cost, low-maintenance way to safely keep your pup from running away or straying away from the house. They can also be incredibly convenient and reliable, as you don’t have to worry about putting up a real fence or other physical barriers. It can also be adjusted to meet different needs; for instance, if you’re looking for a larger boundary or if you have multiple pets.

Invisible dog fences success depends primarily on three things: Reliable and Consistent System Performance, Proper Installation, and Correct Training and Conditioning. Invisible fences are not force field-like boundaries, they are most effective when a psychological approach is used. Proper guidance in teaching your pup how to respond to the boundaries while slowly increasing the static correction as they learn is critical to guarantee successful containment, defined as “a happy dog that loves their yard, is not fearful but will not leave regardless of temptation”. Your undivided attention and patience with the training process is necessary in order to ensure success. Often, the use of professional installers with notable experience can help you acheive results faster and easier.  Depending on your pup’s size, age, and temperament, it may take more or less time to train them. As well, it’s important to note that while invisible fences are an effective tool to create boundaries and help protect your pet, they cannot totally replace physical fences in instances where an animal is particularly aggressive, or if you are somewhere with predatory animals. If you already have a physical fence and your pup is a Houdini that has learned to go under, over or through, adding an invisible fence is a successful way to restore their safety. 

Overall, invisible dog fences can be an effective way to contain your pet and keep them safe. By understanding how they work, using trained containment professionals or following proper installation and training guidelines yourself, you can help protect your pup and keep your neighbor’s fences intact. With a little diligence and some patience, invisible dog fences can provide you and your pup for their lifetime with a safe, peaceful yard to enjoy.


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