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Southern Louisiana's Better
Invisible Fence® brand Alternative

The Electronic

Dog Fence


Keep Your Fur-Family Members Safe at Home!

Get A Free No Obligation Estimate From Johnmichael Myhal, Owner / Manager

Southern Louisiana's Better
Invisible Fence® brand Alternative

Hidden Fence

Keep Your Fur-Family Members Safe at Home!

Get A Free No Obligation Estimate From Johnmichael Myhal, Owner / Manager


A Better Choice for Safer Pets™

PETCARE HIDDEN FENCE was started over twenty five years ago when the owner, Michael Myhal became increasing aware of the growing number of strays and pet fatalities appearing on the roads of St Tammany Parish. Over the past two and half decades, through the customer service demands of Hurrican Katrina and others, PetCare has successfully built a reputation for being dedicated to the safety and protection of four-legged family members, and peace-of-mind for their owners.

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Local, Reliable & Fanatical About Pet Safety

Like many dog lovers, we are deeply invested emotionally in our “four-legged kids” – my dogs. They are not “like” family, they ARE family. That passion is extended into caring for our clients dogs like they were our own, and unlike out of-town competitors, our clients are our NEIGHBORS. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is hard enough, but losing one because they dug under or climbed over a fence, ran through an open gate or door, or bolted into traffic is a grief that no one should have to live with. Learn More


Special Programs

Adoption and Rescue Rebates

Veterinarian and Pet Professional Discounts

Special manufacturer grant & pricing programs are available to pet professionals and full-time associates, Contact Us for details!

Swap & Upgrade Program

Tired of high prices for batteries and slow service?  Did another company “fry” train your dog and now they won’t leave the porch or the house? Want a gentler system that is just as strong but uses psychology more than pain to keep your dog at home?  Tried a do-it-yourself system that’s not working?

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#1 Choice of Professional Installers

THE Premier Pet Fencing System


from imported components


After installing your PetCare Hidden Fence, we personally instruct you and your pet using our exclusive GentleStart training methods and we hold your hand until conditioning is complete with unlimited support. Our simple and humane program guides you and your pet through the learning, awareness and testing phase. Our training program is so radically different from all other high shock, pain-based training methods that within minutes, our clients realize that their fears for their dogs comfort were unfounded. At PetCare Hidden Fence, we believe that a true containment professional is not just someone who can contain your dog, but someone who has the experience and ability to allow your dog to happily learn and accept their boundaries with the least amount of discomfort.

Schedule an Installation

We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate, and / or schedule your installation at your convenience.

Due to the amount of referrals we get from clients and pet professionals, we standardize our pricing into package pricing to make all our clients more comfortable and assured of receiving the best value possible.

Based on 56 reviews
Dewayne Roney
Dewayne Roney
April 22, 2023
Mike showed true care for us and our pup and has been with us every single step of the way. Best thing we have done for the pup and our sanity. Highly recommend!
Jackye Hansen
Jackye Hansen
April 5, 2023
We have a fenced in yard but live on a corner of a fairly busy intersection for our neighborhood. Definitely lots of foot, bike, and golf cart traffic. Two of our four rescue pups had learned out to climb or jump our fence when they saw other four legged friends they wanted to greet. Mike came out within hours had us feeling better about our situation. Now, not only have we eliminated the fear of our pets getting out by jumping the fence, but we can keep them a few feet away from the fence so they aren't jumping up at all passersby when they are outside. Very, very pleased -- and relieved!
Kirsten Riney
Kirsten Riney
January 31, 2023
We have been customers for the past 15 years. From the time our fence was installed until now the team is always professional, prompt and does whatever it takes to complete the job. The service is consistent 15 years running. I highly recommend this team.
Georgiana Bennett
Georgiana Bennett
November 22, 2022
We had Pet Care hidden fence installed over a year ago. JohnMichael was amazing. I had to call him several times about training Josie our Australian Shepherd. He sent text and videos on the training. Today I am very excited to say, we leave her (Josie) out all day. She does not go near the hidden fence. We have 2 acres on a very busy highway. Thanks again Pet Care hidden fence. We would do it all again. It’s so worth the money we spent.
Collin Lockfield
Collin Lockfield
November 3, 2022
We have used PetCare with Mike for over 20 years. We began with our first dog some 20 years ago with Mike who came and did the fence installation and helped train the dog to adhere to the fence signals. Since then, we upgraded to a newer unit about five years ago. In those 20+ years that fence has kept 5 dogs safe and Mike has done excellent service keeping that installation working through 2 hurricanes and other mishaps. I can’t say enough positive things about PetCare and the service it provides. If you are entertaining looking for an invisible fence, you need look no further than PetCare with Mike.
Pamela Ewen
Pamela Ewen
May 26, 2022
When you are getting a hidden fence the two most important things to look for are good training for your dog, and trust. In the case of Mandeville’s Pet Care Hidden Fence, you are assured of both. Mike at Pet Care installed our fence nine years ago. Our dog was so well trained by one of his assistants in the beginning, that she has escaped only twice in all those years, neither time by breaching the fence. In addition, any time I have need help, Pet Care comes right away. You can count on them. Mike and his staff really care about the safety of our beloved lab. And that is what I mean by trust. You can really trust your dogs security to Pet Care Hidden Fence. Pamela Lott. 5/26/22.
Donna Wallace
Donna Wallace
May 15, 2022
Michael installed our pet fence over 4 years ago and it has been great. Hurricane Ida damaged the perimeter wire and Michael expertly found and repair the break and we couldn’t be happier. Our dog has her yard back safely! Michael was great!
Tania Vining
Tania Vining
May 9, 2022
Mike is a permanent guest on my TCE list & is extremely professional. My dogs love him & my family trusts him.

Pet Professional & Louisiana Veterinarian Reviews

Golden retriever and red mixed breed dogs on a carpet in tent.
Past President, Tangioahoa Humane Society Debbie Border, Lacombe, LA

" previously used the Invisible Fence® Company, but switched to PetCare Hidden Fence and the difference in service and professionalism is amazing PetCare is the only company that I'd trust my dogs lives to...'

Dr. Leslie Michaelis, DVM Animal Care Hospital, Mandeville, Louisiana

"We consider an established reputation for professionalism as well as caring and compassionate training techniques to be a prerequisite for referral... ...we exclusively recommend PetCare Hidden Fence...

Dr. Ron Gilbert Hammond, Louisiana

I have been both a client and reference for “Pet Care Hidden Fence” for a number of years. Mike is very knowledgeable about the pet containment industry and has helped a number of my clients who have...

Rebecca Breaud Folsom, Louisiana

I have been training dogs for over 15 years, and use only positive training methods when working with both my dogs, and others. As a trainer, and one who has used PetCare for my own dogs’ boundaries...


These are most frequently asked questions about PETCARE HIDDEN FENCE, electronic fences and Invisible Fence® Brand alternative systems. Please contact us with any unanswered questions

In a word , yes! The concept of underground invisible fencing has been around since the early 70's. Since the late 80's when the original patents expired, there have been improvements and innovations throughout the industry. Today, millions of households worldwide enjoy the peace of mind and joy that comes from providing your four-legged family members the safety and freedom they deserve.

Q: I've heard that some dogs just run through some systems, how do I know my dog won't?

If a dog breaks through a boundary, statistics point to these three reasons as the most common:

#1 - Do-It-Yourself systems. When installing and training, strictly adhering to manufacturer guidelines is crucial for success. Without experience, this can prove challenging for many people, resulting in containment failure.

#2 - A breakdown in system maintenance. Not all systems have professional features like low battery indicators, wire break alarms, etc. If the fence is not working properly or the collar is too loose, dogs can exploit the weakness.

#3 - Poor, incomplete, inadequate or High Shock training

PETCARE HIDDEN FENCE specializes in the most advanced training methods and technologies available in the industry. Johnmichael Myhal, owner and dog trainer, is the only trainer in Louisiana who has earned Advanced Certification in Low Stress LiteTouch Containment Training Methods awarded by the International Association of Canine Professionals.

It would difficult (if not impossible) to have 100% 5-Star Reviews after being in business for 25 years if we weren't committed to the success of your system and the safety of your pups!

Although many people use "invisible fence" as a generic term for all electronic containment systems, it is actually a brand name much like "Kleenex".

PETCARE HIDDEN FENCE is a privately owned, Louisiana, LLC.  We specialize in the sales and professional installation of only the premier electronic containment systems in the industry, and we offer service on all other brands of fencing systems.  We constantly monitor the industry and only recommend components with the highest quality and reliability that have a proven reputation and a track record of success in the field. According to our research, the best company in the industry matching those standards is currently Pet Stop®(see Recommendations - 2008)   

While the basic concept of a buried wire connected to a radio transmitter that signals a receiver on the dogs collar is the same, there are significant differences between manufacturers in regards to both technology and training methodologies. There are reasons why we say that PetCare Hidden Fence is "A Better Choice for Safer Pets ©"

Underground, invisible and Hidden Dog Fences use a combination of technology and training to teach your pet where they can go and where they can't.

Pet containment training is a critical part of the process.

Only PETCARE HIDDEN FENCE offers onsite training with IACP certified trainers and unlimited ongoing phone support to make it easy to successfully condition your pet to the system. You may have as many pets as you want on the same system, each dog needs a digital, micro-Programmable receiver collar.  Training typically takes between 7 and 14 days depending upon the dog.

Our exclusive GentleStart™ training program will help your pet first learn the boundaries and then...to avoid them.  White flags are placed  around the perimeter as a visual cue to help your pet recognize their new boundaries.  These flags are paired with a warning tone, and then an electronic stimulus.  The level of stimulation is adjustable for different personalities, temperaments and breed characteristics. 

A tiny, computerized digital receiver worn on your pet's collar receives the coded radio signal and the internal software generates either a warning, graduated or immediate electronic stimulation (depends on chosen programming) to teach your pet to avoid the boundary.

Although our state-of-the-art receivers have the strength and capability to handle the most stubborn of dogs, our technology and GentleStart™  training focuses on positive reinforcement training, helping you use only as much correction in the training process as your dog requires.

The GentleStart™  training process combined with an excellent track record for successfull containment and customer service, is part of why PETCARE HIDDEN FENCE is the ONLY electronic underground fence company to receive a written recommendation by the former director of the  St Tammany Humane Society and other area Pet Professionals.

Nearly everyone has this concern! Fortunately, our 100% 5-Star Google review track record attests to our commitment to making sure each new client has the same success.  In the past 25 years, we have developed a simple yet effective method for successful containment that has created our sterling reputation for helping dog lovers keep their pups safely at home.

See what others who have had this same concern have said after experiencing our method:

(see "Reviews")

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We serve the following Louisiana Parishes and Mississippi Counties:
St Tammany Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, Livingston Parish, Washington Parish, Jefferson Parish, New Orleans Parish, Saint Helena Parish, East Feliciana Parish, West Feliciana Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, and Hancock County Mississippi.

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